MD Façade Cork Board by Amorim is a high performance, natural and sustainable system used for the external cladding of CORKCABINs.


MD Façade Cork board is made from entirely natural and renewable cork. The interesting design of the boards offer a unique cork cladding finish with excellent thermal and acoustic performance.

The low thermal conductivity (0.043 W/m.K) of MD Façade Cork Board by Amorim offers a high energy efficiency, thus contributing to both environmental and economic savings.

The use of 100% natural expanded cork panels on the exterior of the CORKCABINs ensures maximum thermal insulation and significant acoustic insulation, whilst preserving the environment.

Providing natural and sustainable insulation (extracted from the cork oak tree every 9 years), the cork supplied by Mike Wye is a breathable material. Free from any added chemicals, synthetic resins or carcinogenic materials.

Technical Features:

Board size = thickness x 1000 mm x 500 mm
Density: 140 – 160 kg/m³.
Thermal conductivity: 0.043 W/m.K.
Compression resistance at 10%: 220 KPa.
Water absorption by partial immersion: 0.17 kg/m².
Excellent soundproofing.

Environmental Features:

100% natural and additive-free industrial process.
Low embodied energy.
Totally recyclable.

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