CORKCABINs come pre-fitting with a range of stunning lighting options to suit all occasions.

External colour-wash LED panels light up your entry and also create an external lighting mood – change the colour to create your own ambiance!

The LED wall-washer is a super bright LED colour changer capable of lighting large outdoor areas. It has RGB LEDs that, when used with one of the included colour change controllers, can produce a vast spectrum of colours.
Being IP65 rated, the fitting is completely water and weather proof.

Linked to the external wall-washer is the internal LED ceiling band. This is a perfect lighting solution to create a uniformed, even light across the back edge of the CORKCABIN.

The Wise wireless keypads can be used to control all of the lighting receivers installed throughout the CORKCABINs. The function of the switch, and each of its buttons, depends upon the function of the wireless receiver it is programmed to – letting you create a range of atmospheric colours at your fingertips.

Slim LED ceiling panel lights illuminate homogeneously over their surface, producing glare-free, bright light. They are very elegant with a modern, ultra-flat design which is easy to maintain.

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