If your CORKCABIN isn’t being used for accommodation then it is an outbuilding which would be “permitted development”.

There are several criteria to meet, such as:

    • The outbuilding relates to a house (some main dwellings are excluded).
    • Its not sited on land in front of the property.
    • Its less than 2.5 m high.
    • It doesn’t have a veranda, balcony or raised platform.

There are also special rules for listed buildings, designated land, National Parks and AONB.

If your CORKCABIN is adapted for accommodation it would be considered a mobile home as it falls within the minimum and maximum sizes allowed and is capable of being transported by road.
You shouldn’t need planning permission unless you live in a Conservation Area. Its best to discuss the situation with your Local Planning Authority who can also advise on whether you need to apply for a Lawful Development Certificate

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